Central to our work as therapists, teachers and producers is our belief that  the therapeutic use of touch and essential oils can have a positive and often profound effect on peoples' lives. 

Teaching: We work with organisations and more informal groups to offer short introductory workshops in massage, aromatherapy massage and the use of essential oils.  All our workshops can be tailored for pre-existing groups and can be focused on particular areas, such as team building, stress reduction, confidence building or health awareness and can form the focus of an enjoyable event or treat.

 Organisations Elaine and June have designed and delivered training for include: The Tisserand Institute, St George's Hospital, Champney's Spa, USB Warburg, Top Shop, The Upminster Complementary Healing & Teaching Sanctuary, Eastman's Dental Hosptial and London Vegans.

Through our Touch and Such Growing Change Initiative we have also worked with a range of organisations to provide access to massage and aromatherapy workshops and treatments for sections of the community that would not normally experience them. Some of this work has been paid for directly or subsidised by Touch and Such, in other instances we have worked with partners to support these services.

 To date, this initiative has enabled us to work with organisations such as Age UK, The Carer's Network Westminister and Family Mosaic Housing Assocation, delivering free training, workshops and treatments for older people, low income families, people with mental health problems and carers.

If you would like to learn more about our teaching and discuss how we might work with your organisation or group please email: