Working with Nature


Our ingredients - Clean, Natural and Effective: Touch and Such products have been developed based on over thirty years’ experience of treating with and studying the scientifically proven and therapeutic properties of essential oils and other natural plant-derived ingredients. Ensuring their purity, quality and effectiveness is central to our approach as both therapists and producers and we are committed to using only the highest quality, sustainably sourced, vegan natural and organic ingredients, many of which have been prized for centuries for their remarkable healing and therapeutic properties.

A Holistic Approach - Supporting Body and Mind: The essential oils used in our skincare products have been selected not only for their benefits to your skin but also for their ability to positively affect your mood.

Cruelty Free:  Our products have been developed and selected based on our experience as practicing aromatherapists, are tested on willing human volunteers and safety assessed by a very nice chemist called Colin.  All our products are certified Cruelty Free and Vegan by PETA

Always Vegan Without Compromise:  Having extensive experience of treating with and studying plant-derived ingredients, we understand that it’s possible to make exceptional skincare products without the use of animal-derived substances. Our products always have been and always will be vegan and we have never used and will never use any animal derivatives including beeswax, honey, animal-derived glycerine or silk in any of our products.

Clear and honest labelling: We are committed to ensuring that our products clearly identify the ingredients used and the percentages of natural and organic content. Organic content listed refers solely to ingredients which have been confirmed by our suppliers as being organically produced and certified as such by a recognised third party certification body.

Responsible Sourcing: We care about how we source our ingredients and work closely our suppliers, who often work directly with local cooperatives, farmers and producers, to ensure that they share our values and consider sustainability, labour and farming practices when identifying the best sources for us to use. We never use endangered species such as Indian Sandalwood or Rosewood in any of our products and, as aromatherapy teachers, work to encourage the use of sustainable alternatives such as Amyris and Ho Wood.

What We Don’t Use: We never use any synthetic fragrances or colours, parabens, glycols, mineral oils, petrolatum, PEGS, TEA, DEA or anything else we believe may be harmful to you or the planet.

Members of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics: As members of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics Business Network we support the elimination of harmful chemicals from personal care products, while working to educate and protect consumers from exposure to dangerous chemicals.