Growing Change


With the support of our customers and partners, we believe that taking a responsible approach to the way we run our business can make a positive difference and help shape wider change. For us, this approach lies at the core of everything we do and starts with the use of natural, plant-derived ingredients as a safer, kinder and environmentally friendlier alternative to potentially harmful chemicals and animal-derived ingredients.

Planting Trees Growing Change: We have partnered with a specialist non-profit reforestation organisation to deliver Touch and Such's ‘Planting Trees Growing Change’ initiative which pays for a local person to be employed to plant and grow an indigenous species tree in an area of extreme deforestation and poverty, currently either in Madagascar, Mozambique, Kenya, Nicaragua or Honduras, for every product we sell.

Employing local people to plant and grow trees in this way helps to lift communities out of poverty, creating a sustainable model of environmental stewardship which restores ecosystems, protects animal habitats and combats climate change.

Responsible Sourcing: We care about how we source our ingredients and work closely with our suppliers, who often work directly with local cooperatives, farmers and producers, to ensure that they share our values and consider sustainability, labour and farming practices when identifying the best sources for us to use. We never use endangered species such as Indian Sandalwood or Rosewood and, as aromatherapy teachers, work to encourage the use of sustainable alternatives such as Amyris and Ho Wood.

The Environment: We are passionate about the natural world and the future of our planet, and our commitment to minimise our environmental impact and work with organisations that share our values is ongoing and informs every aspect of how we operate, from using easily recyclable printed glass and unbleached, biodegradable card from certified sustainable sources in our packaging to working with a bank with clear ethical and sustainability reporting commitments. We know we are not perfect but we work hard to get things right and improve on a regular basis.

Cruelty Free: Our products have been developed and selected based on our experience as practicing aromatherapists, are tested on willing human volunteers and safety assessed by a very nice chemist called Colin.  All our products are certified Cruelty Free and Vegan by PETA.

Always Vegan Without Compromise:  Having extensive experience of treating with and studying plant derived ingredients, we understand that it’s possible to make exceptional skincare products without the use of animal-derived substances. All our products always have been and always will be vegan and we have never used and will never use any animal derivatives including beeswax, honey, animal-derived glycerine or silk in any of our products.

Work in the Community: We have worked with a broad range of organisations to provide access to massage and aromatherapy workshops and treatments for sections of the community that would not normally experience them. To date, this approach has enabled us to deliver free training and treatments for older people, low income families, people with mental health problems, the unemployed and carers and work with organisations such as voluntary sector councils, charities, government departments, local healthcare trusts, housing associations and social enterprises.